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Siam South Sea Bird's Nest Co.,Ltd.

Since 1999, SIAM SOUTH SEA BIRD'S NEST CO., LTD.  has carried out a complete swiftlet’s nest business comprising being granted bird’s nest concession from the government, a cleaning bird’s nest factory that is approved by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and an outlet of bird’s nest products of the trademark “Siam South Sea Bird’s Nest” 

The company does not only make profits from the bird’s nest business, but also realizes the value and benefits the customers will receive within the quality policy framework “Premium quality bird’s nest products with no chemicals added and adulteration” Therefore, this can ensure the customers they will have natural and ready-to-cook bird’s nests that are free from any chemicals when they select the  Siam South Sea Bird’s Nest products that are the refined products of Thailand.



Our bird’s nest products are collected from several concession sites on both Thai Gulf and Andaman Sea coasts in Thailand. Our bird’s nests have been accepted worldwide as premium quality products for years.

Harvesting bird’s nests form the concession sources is implemented under supervision of the company’s experts in collaboration with the government officials. The company does not focus only on collecting bird’s nests but also devotes itself to conducting research on living, reproducing and appropriate environment of the swiftlets.

The customers therefore can be sure that “the products of Siam South Sea Bird’s Nest” are the best quality bird’s nest produced from the concession sites in Thailand.



Siam South Sea Bird's Nest has a bird nest cleaning factory with highly trained and experienced staff. We have been accredited to a good standard in food production by GMP and a quality management standards for food safety by HACCP without the use of chemicals and contaminants. We have been registered as a bird's nest collection center in accordance with the law from the Department of Livestock Thailand. Moreover, Siam South Sea Bird's Nest Co.,Ltd., has recently been officially registered by the Certification Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA) as an approved Thai bird's nest processing enterprise. We are honoured and delighted that our commitment to producing top-quality bird's nest has received global recognition.


Premium Bird's Nest Store

The showroom of Siam South Sea Bird’s Nest Co., Ltd. having premium quality bird’s nest products of “Siam South Sea Bird’s Nest” brand  with a great variety of containers and sizes to suit customers’ desire.

The quality policy framework

“Premium quality bird’s nest products with no chemicals added and adulteration”

Quality grade bird nest in the packaging is worth it. The value is given as a gift to a loved one.

Bureau of Quality Control of Livestock Products

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